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Dog Bite Injury Liability

Lakeland Dog Bite Injury Attorney, William Twyford, Esq., puts his experience as a Dog Bite Personal Injury Lawyer to work for those in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Bartow, Polk County and the Surrounding Central Florida areas.

Call 863.585.5283 today to schedule a confidential consultation with Attorney William Twyford about your legal rights, options and goals involving Dog Bite Injury and other Personal Injury Liability issues or disputes.

Dogs and other pets are great companions for may people and families throughout Florida, the United States, and across the world. However, every dog, cat, exotic bird, and other type of pet has it's own personality, it's own level of training by the pet owner, as well as it's own tolerances and triggers that may cause the pet to bite or attack.

In the United States, approximately 1/3rd of all homeowner's and renter's insurance claims are related to dog bites and animal attacks. When a person chooses to own a dog or other pet, they automatically assume liability for any injuries that their pet inflicts upon an "innocent victim". The reason we use the phrase "innocent victim" is because if the injured party intentionally incites the dog or other pet into a state that caused the pet to attack, the issue of liability may be successfully disputed by the pet owner.

For instance, if a dog is in it's own yard and on a chain, and the injured party taunted or excited the dog by yelling at the dog, throwing objects at the dog, ran back and forth along the fence-line in an effort to get the dog to chase them back and forth, or the injured party was trespassing, these actions may absolve the pet owner of liability for injuries sustained. On the other hand, if the same dog is in it's yard and a person is simply walking by the yard and the dog leaps up and bites over or through the fence, or jumps over the fence and attacks without intentional provocation by the injured party, the dog owner is liable for the attack.

This is just one scenario. There are many instances and circumstances where liability must be established in civil litigation cases involving dog bites and animal attacks. Attorney William Twyford aggressively provides professional legal services for dog bite and animal attack injury victim's, and in the even of loss of life, he represents the family of those who have lost their loved onee as a result of a dog bite and animal attack.

  • Injuries as a direct result of the dog bite or animal attack;

  • Lost Wages;

  • Medical Bills;

  • Pain and Suffering;

  • Permanent or long-term loss of quality of life;

  • And when their is a loss of life, families may also seek compensation in a wrongful death case.

If have questions, concerns, or need to address legal issues relating to dog bite injury or other personal injury liability matters, seek the legal advice and representation of an aggressive dog bit injury attorney. At Twyford Law, LLC, you will work with an experienced lawyer who is dedicated to protecting the legal rights those involved in dog bite injury and personal injury liability disputes in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Bartow, Polk County and the Surrounding Central Florida areas.

Call 863.585.5283 to discuss your legal rights, options, and needs relating to Dog Bite Injury Liability and other Personal Injury issues or disputes. You may also contact us by filling out and submitting our online case evaluation form.


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